Vuzix Expands M-SERIES IEC60601-1 Certification Status for Medical Use

Vuzix Telemedicine Smart Glasses

“Smart glasses should be as ubiquitous as a stethoscope.”
—R. Brent Wright, MD, MMM

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Now offering expanded certification compliance for medical, clean room, and other demanding environments.

Future-Forward: Telemedicine Smart Glasses

Telemedicine is the new normal for medical practitioners, enabling positive outcomes while saving time and money. Vuzix solutions for telemedicine allow you to safely administer to patients without compromising the quality of care.

With Vuzix smart glasses, caregivers can instantly share medical expertise with other practitioners around the globe, providing life-saving guidance from anywhere. Send and receive live expert medical feedback without jeapordizing the level of patient care.


Provide Hands-On Care

Easily access patient documentation hands-free with voice-controlled commands.

Expand Your Knowledgebase

Access medical libraries faster and on demand with decentralized, global expertise.

Maximize Your Time

With patient data privately in view, you can optimize client interactions.

Give Cost-Effective Remote Guidance

Relay instructions to care practitioners and record treatments for training purposes.

Offer a Higher Level of Precision

Monitor vital signs without needing to take your eyes off the patient.

Share Knowledge When It Matters

Share your view with experts to improve outcomes and get live input.



In developing countries, there is a critical shortage of 2 million surgeons. Unfortunately, in these areas, a shortage like that can be a matter of life or death. Ohana One's Surgical Sight smart glass program aims to bridge that gap by offering a solution to remote training; resulting in more surgeons trained and more patients treated.

Vuzix, along with software providers TeleVu and HelpLightning, has partnered with Ohana One to extend their mission, expanding safe, self-sustaining surgical care in areas that need it most.

  • 109% increase in surgeries completed using Vuzix smart glasses
  • 54 mentor/mentees in the Surgical Sight program
  • 95 surgeons onboarded in the Surgical Sight program
  • 41 countries with Ohana One members

Vuzix M4000 for Telemedicine

The M4000 brings you superior design, cross-platform functionality, and a battery you can count on. Join the medical professionals who wear our M4000 smart glasses during surgeries for 16+ hours straight.

Vuzix M4000 smart glasses are:

  • HIPAA-compliant and IP67 rated
  • Built with market-leading waveguide optics providing see-through display
  • Designed to work with medical personal protective equipment
  • IEC60601-1-2:2014 certified medical electrical equipment
Discover the M4000
Blond woman in blue scrubs and white surgical mask, wearing Vuzix smart glasses, with lights and monitors in the background.

What is hot swapping and why does it matter to smart glasses users?

All batteries eventually run down. Only Vuzix allows you to exchange your battery without powering down or interrupting use.


Telemedicine AR LEarnings Paper

Find out how Vuzix AR solutions are giving smart medical centers and caregivers better success rates and higher quality patient care, while delivering a substantial cost savings.

Telemedicine White paper

Vuzix smart glasses are facilitating a new kind of healthcare. This white paper uncovers the current telemedicine landscape and explores the value of AR.


Learn how Vuzix smart glasses are utilized at Chi Mei Medical Center in Taiwan to enhance patient care, save time in the ER, and assist physicians during surgical procedures.

OHANA ONE case Study

Vuzix smart glasses are facilitating a new kind of healthcare. This case study shows how Ohana One is utilizing smart glasses to provide surgical guidance from anywhere.


Learn how Vuzix smart glasses help surgeons make critical measurements correctly the first time, every time. AR technology in the operating room enables higher quality patient results by eliminating the margin of error.

Vuzix Telemedicine Partnerships

Providing Surgical Aid through Smart Glasses

ReSurge International is among 14 non-profit surgical training organizations receiving Vuzix smart glasses in partnership with Ohana One, enabling surgeons around the world to connect with medical experts and deliver life-saving procedures in real-time.

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Learn how easy it is to integrate Vuzix smart glasses into your medical network so that you can safely administer the highest-quality care.

Our smart glasses are the most comfortable on the market — but don’t just take our word for it! Try them on and see for yourself.

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