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The metaverse meets the real world at CES, and Vuzix is at the heart of it. Why? Because we’re making real to people, in a practical sense, how they can connect with the metaverse. It starts with slipping on a pair of sleek, lightweight Vuzix Shield™ smart glasses.
Visitor wearing Vuzix Shield™ for the first time.
Visitor wearing Vuzix Shield™ for the first time.
The sheer volume of people flooding the Vuzix booth speaks to the overwhelming...
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Let’s give it up for day 1 at CES!  Over the years, Vuzix has strived to always deliver on innovation. Without a doubt, CES 2022 has proven to be our top performing year thus far. Our team of visionaries set out to Las Vegas ready to make a statement. And let me tell you, a statement was well received! With Covid restrictions, Vuzix is taking every precaution to still provide an unparalleled...

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Wearable display technology could improve shipping and delivery infrastructure

Supply chains are scrambling to overcome a series of challenges that have persisted since March 2020. Yet, the holiday season is unlikely to show the global infrastructure any mercy.

Global shipping and delivery faces several unprecedented obstacles:

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Facts to help Vuzix® keep ocular health in sight

As we get used to wearing sophisticated computing equipment directly in front of our eyes, it’s perfectly normal to ask questions about eye health and vision issues. 

These items include:

  • the wearer’s pre-existing vision issues
  • eye dominance
  • eye muscle adaptation
  • screen fatigue

Vuzix designers have taken these and other factors into careful...

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