Vuzix OEM Services for White Label Products

Reduce costs and ensure the highest quality with Vuzix OEM components, advanced waveguide optics and the world’s tiniest display engine.

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Go to Market Faster with Vuzix OEM Services

Our 25 years of industry experience means we can manufacture white label optical components that meet the highest quality standards, while saving on the time and money required to research and develop optics and smart glasses on your own.

Boasting an intellectual property portfolio of over 200 patents, Vuzix OEM services allow companies to bring a cutting-edge branded product to market quickly and efficiently.


Accelerate Production Timeframes

Speed up execution of heads-up displays (HUDs) with Vuzix white label products.

Reduce Downtime, Increase Efficiencies 

Save on development time and cost with the help of a dedicated support team.

Develop State-of-the-Art Products 

Apply our world-class expertise in waveguide optics and augmented reality (AR).

Leverage Our ISO 9001 Certified Facility

Ship white label smart glasses and optics that meet regulatory requirements.

Work with Trusted Partners

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you can count on a proven track record of innovation.

Blond man with beard in a blue collared shirt works at a bench while wearing Vuzix smart glasses.

Vuzix Waveguides Define the Market

Immersive but Situationally Aware 

Vuzix AR waveguides are full color and transparent, minimizing any obstruction of the ambient environment.

Comfortable, Flexible Design

Vuzix lightweight waveguides — about 1 mm thick for each plate — can be configured for two fields of view, 28˚ and 40˚.

Rapid Prototyping Based on Your Needs

With our custom e-beam etch equipment, we produce waveguides that can work with most projectors and any wavelength.

Explore Vuzix Technology

Vuzix microLED Projection Display Engine

Integrate the world’s tiniest microLED projector into your smart glasses and optics. Our microLED projection display, developed and produced with industry leader Jade Bird Display is the most advanced on the market today.

  • Barely the size of a pencil eraser at 6.2 mm wide and less than 0.4 CC
  • Can pair with any optics technology
  • Ultra power efficient
  • Screen brightness of 2M+ nits
  • High resolution output at 1 micron pixels
  • Contrast ratio of 100,000:1 for optimal visibility


Medical institutions have embraced technology to improve their quality of care. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for telemedicine.

That’s why surgical and healthcare service providers are partnering with Vuzix to develop white label smart glasses that provide hands-free healthcare, allow for remote care and guidance, and offer a high level of precision with AR techniques.


Manufacturers like major players in the automotive industry recognize the risks and costs associated with conducting their own research, development, and production of AR HUDs and waveguide-based products. 

Instead, they look to leaders like Vuzix, whose OEM engineering services can help them quickly produce a high-quality, reliable product that exceeds customer expectations.


Despite increases in automation and mobile device adoption, errors persist in warehousing, affecting work productivity and the bottom line. 

Vuzix OEM services can design and manufacture white label smart glasses that help drive improvements in warehousing operations. Our OEM components deliver significant workplace improvements with AR overlays for vision picking, instructions, and remote support.


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