Microsoft Teams on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Collaborate remotely using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Now it’s easier than ever to collaborate with Vuzix Smart Glasses. Microsoft Teams enables your remote workforce to chat, make calls, share files and be more efficient, all using our intuitive touchpad.

Equip your field workers with hands-free remote access on Vuzix’s powerful M400 and M4000 series devices, operating on the Android platform. Reduce equipment downtime, minimize risk, and resolve technical challenges more quickly with remote collaboration.

Ready to deploy?

If you or your workforce uses Vuzix M400 or M4000 Smart Glasses, we have options to help you utilize Microsoft Teams.

MDM: The best choice for enterprise users installing across devices.

Direct to Device: For individuals and smaller deployments, please ensure you have the latest OS update and then complete the form to get access. Our support team will deploy the app to your device and send you a follow-up.

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If you are interested in trying Microsoft Teams on your Vuzix M400 or M4000 please fill in the form below:

Vuzix Smart Glasses for Enterprise and Support for Microsoft Teams (webinar recording)

Click to view a demonstration of the Microsoft Teams user experience on Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses. You’ll see how to complete a host of standard collaboration tasks during a remote audit, and get a feel for the touchpad interface.

€2.790,00 (ex VAT: €2.325,00)
€2.046,00 (ex VAT: €1.705,00)
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