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Smart Glasses Will Take Cyclists Further


Cyclists Get Set to Embrace Smart Glasses

Serious cyclists are serious about improving their performance. Evidently, a bevy of mobile apps satisfy this need. However, most require buying a smartphone mount. As a result, riders must regularly glance down at their handlebar to review riding stats. This is set to change, cycling apps for smart glasses will one day help riders reach peak performance.

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Ultimately, it will allow cyclists to monitor their speed and distance without interruption. Navigation will also be made easier as a mini-map could guide riders from A to B.

Cycling Apps for Smart Glasses Will Optimize Performance and Safety

Optimal Performance Without Taking Your Eyes Off the Road

Cycling apps for smart glasses will offer a wide variety of hands-free benefits. First, they will allow users to record videos or capture images on the fly. As a result, cyclists could record points of interest (POIs) without losing momentum.

Secondly, stats could be monitored in the corner of your eye. This includes heart rate, distance, speed, route navigation, elevation profile, and other helpful visual cues.

Moreover, the digital feed wouldn’t be as distracting as looking down at a watch or phone. The Vuzix Blade’s interface is optimized to display info without sidetracking users during rides.

One potential feature could offer ample motivation without being intrusive. Cyclists could compete against a past version of themselves in real-time. An icon could be displayed that indicates how far ahead (or behind) a rider performs against their best ride to date.