Next Gen Smart Glasses

Introducing Vuzix’s next generation smart glasses technology.

Vuzix Next Generation

Smart Glasses Technology

Already a world leader in Smart Glasses, Vuzix’s next generation brings the perfect combination of style and function. Enhanced fully wireless connectivity made even more dynamic. With completely see-through advanced waveguide optics and revolutionary micro-LED display engines that can be used indoors or outside, Vuzix delivers the future in smart glasses coming in 2021.

Vuzix NGSG - CES Award Winner

Vuzix NGSG - CES Award Winner

Vuzix NGSG - Introduction

Vuzix NGSG - Introduction


A sleek exterior leads to a tech-rich interior, delivering style and substance with a trendy, comfortable design, combining easy wearability with even greater utility, for an enhanced connected mobile experience.


Ultra-slim, binocular Waveguides powered by a pair of tiny, highly efficient micro-LED projectors, one for each eye, generating crisp video with contextual information. At 1 micron in size, the micro-LED’s have one of the highest density pixel arrays available with both monochrome and full color solutions in development.


Advanced micro-LED displays require extremely low power while providing brilliantly bright images with excellent contrast. Self-contained dual temple batteries can power you for hours. Multiple built-in noise-cancelling microphones allow for flawless phone calls and voice/UI integration.


Forgot your uncomfortable ear buds? Not to worry, with acoustic chambers fully integrated into the frames we deliver clear stereo, targeted over the ears for privacy, without losing ambient sound around their wearer.


Enhancing hands-free operation, the on-board processor wirelessly communicates with your phone and with the built-in LTE cellular option. Using your voice or, tap on the touch-sensitive arm and the displays activate, allowing discrete connectivity to the world.

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