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VUZIX Basics Apps is a platform of essential Out-of-the-Box applications optimized for use with the growing lineup of Vuzix smart glasses and head mounted Augmented Reality displays. As easy as Click - Connect - Collaborate.

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I already own an M300. Can I purchase the Vuzix Basics™ Video software separately and install it to my device?

For the initial release, the Vuzix Basics™ Video software is only available with the purchase of a new M300 device. In the future, we will offer Vuzix Basics™ Video for purchase as a standalone app in our Vuzix App Store. Please check back in early 2018.

I performed a Factory Reset on my M300 or uninstalled the Vuzix Basics™ Video application. How can I reinstall it?

Please contact Vuzix Technical Support and our team can assist you with the reinstallation.

I’m having trouble powering on the M300. What can I do?

This is likely an issue with the level of charge on the batteries in your M300. The M300 contains two batteries, the primary battery within the M300 Battery Pod, as well as a small fail-over battery in the M300 Main Unit to support the hot-swapping functionality of the Battery Pod.
If the internal fail-over battery does not have sufficient charge, the M300 will not boot. It is important that prior to first use, the M300 is charged fully assembled and with a power source supplying a minimum of 1.5A.
When not using your M300, it is important to disconnect the battery from main unit and ensure that the unit is powered down by holding the power button for a few seconds and then selecting power off from the menu and then confirm by selecting “OK”. The internal battery should not drain, and you can simply charge the battery pod alone from a power source supplying a minimum of 0.5A.
If you are still having trouble, please contact Vuzix Technical Support.

I’m not able to see my video stream or hear any audio on my calls. What can I do?

You’ll need to make sure the appropriate permissions are enabled for the Vuzix Basics™ Video application. To do so, go into Settings > Apps > Permissions and make sure that the permissions for Camera and Microphone are enabled.

Is it possible for the remote expert to annotate the video feed for the user wearing the M300, or share documents?

Vuzix Bacis™ Video provides basic streaming and audio function only. If you require annotation, document sharing or other advanced features, please contact the Vuzix Sales team who can connect you with one of our VIPs who offer this functionality as part of their streaming solution(s).

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