SteamVR with Vuzix iwear video headphones


Access hundreds of SteamVR titles with Vuzix iWear Video Headphones

Vuzix iWear Offers Unparalleled SteamVR Compatibility

Experience VR games in HD-3D. iWear's head-tracking technology allows the action to move where your head moves. The iWear is compatible with most titles available through the SteamVR store, and is compatible with any of the latest game controllers.

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How to get Started with SteamVR and the Vuzix iWear Video headphones

The Vuzix team has put together a step by step guide to get you started with SteamVR. To setup SteamVR with your Vuzix Video Headphones you will need to install Steam, SteamVR and VR-Manager.

VUZIX    STEAM® VR    Supported Titles

Introducing the CES Award Winning iWear

Wearable Display for the Drone Enthusiast. Never before has a single personal entertainment device offered a comparable level of video and audio performance in a mobile solution. Enjoy gaming, movies, tv, live drone videos like never before.


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