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iWear® Video Headphones are today’s Most Advanced Mobile Entertainment Display with a pair of dazzling high-definition displays of a million color pixels each and a field of view wide enough to put you front-row in the action and keep you there.

iWear® Video Headphones FAQ

iWear® video headphones comes with dual high-definition displays that supports HDMI inputs compatible with mobile phones, tablet devices, console systems, PCs and 3D Blu-ray players. iWear® includes a carrying pouch, immersive light-shield, AC charging adapter, Quickstart, warranty and safety instructions. A full manual is available by digital download.

Can I use a WiFi HDMI dongle with the iWear® to receive and watch wireless video from a tablet, smartphone or PC?

Yes, with appropriate cabling. And the experience is awesome!

Can I use the iWear® with my iPhone or Android based smartphone?

Yes, just get an HDMI cable that’s compatible with your smartphone and you’ll be in the theater’s front row! Even 3D content can play off your smartphone. And of course your games will look absolutely awesome and will rival your home console gaming experience.

Can I use the iWear® with my Windows PC or Mac as a secondary display?

Yes, you can enjoy full-screen readable across a massive screen. And with the iWear’s optics it should be highly readable even into the corners of the display.

Can I use the iWear® with my Xbox or PlayStation?

Yes, you can play intense gaming on a massive video screen that will vastly outsize your other home based video screens.

Can I view 3D immersive content compatible with other immersive VR goggles?

Yes, there are a variety of sources with numerous titles and content coming out daily. With OSVR compatibility, as new titles are released they should automatically support the iWear’s VR capabilities.

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