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Alexa built-in!

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (Safety Certified) units will be shipped within 3-4 weeks of your order date.

Vuzix Blade

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses are now available in a new safety glasses rated version!

The new Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (Safety Certified) are certified impact resistant meeting both CE EN166 and ANSI Z87.1 safety standards.* The Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (Safety Certified) can be used in industrial applications requiring safety rated eyewear while delivering a wearable smart display with a see-through viewing experience, utilizing Vuzix’ proprietary waveguide optics. The Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (Safety Certified) are ideal for industrial mobile applications – from accessing real-time data, to work instructions, to light augmented reality, to HD photography and video recording. The perfect mobile communications tool for daily use in your enterprise application is now safety glasses rated.

*PLEASE NOTE: ANSI Z87.1 rating is for frontal eye protection only.


Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses - Safety Certified

The Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (Safety Certified) are completely untethered, and support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces to phones and the Internet. They deliver a hands-free connection of the digital world to the real world, providing unprecedented access to location-aware information, data collection and more. The private, see through, full color, bright, high resolution screen performs both indoors and in sunlight. The Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (Safety Certified) are both your wearable mobile personal computer and your EN 166/ANSI Z87.1 certified safety glasses for use in manufacturing, construction, and field services in aerospace, automotive, health services and many other markets.

Feature-Packed Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses

Feature-Packed Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses with Advanced Waveguide Optics

Wearable Display for Mobile Entertainment and VR

Optics and Electronics

  • Waveguide based see through optics
  • Cobra II DLP based display
  • Vibrant full-color DLP display
  • Quad Core ARM CPU
  • 8 Megapixel camera, supports 720p 30fps or 1080p 24fps
  • Android OS


  • Touch pad with gesture
  • Head motion trackers
  • Haptic vibration alert
  • Remote control app for Android & iOS device

Versatile Eyeglass Options Available

  • All lenses standard UV protection


  • Micro USB ear-phone jack
  • Full BT functionality
  • Noise canceling microphone


  • MicroSD expansion slot
  • Wi-Fi and BT wireless
  • Micro USB


  • Internal LiPo rechargeable batteries

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses (Safety Certified) units will be shipped within 3-4 weeks of your order date.


Download and install the Vuzix Blade Companion App from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, tap Start Setup and follow the instructions on the screen to connect your iOS or Android smart phone with your Blade. The Companion App enables easy setup and customization of your Blade and manages the communication link between the Blade and your smart phone. The companion app on the smart phone allows users to manage application notifications for the Blade such as email, messages, navigation and media player control.
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Vuzix Blade How To Videos

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