Projection Engine

The World's Tiniest Projection Engine

Introducing the Vuzix microLED Projector

A projection engine unlike any other

Tucked into the temple of Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses is the tiniest, lowest power, most advanced microLED display-based projection engine in the world.

These engines are built for an incredible number of use cases from view finders, HUDs, athletic eyewear, and helmets, to language translation pens, pico-projectors, and of course the most advanced fashion forward smart glasses ever conceived. Only Vuzix delivers tech like this.

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MicroLED projection engine specs

  • 6.2mm wide
  • Less than 0.4 CC
  • 2M+ NITS
  • Super power efficient
  • 1 micron pixels
  • 100,000:1 contrast ratio

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Next Gen Smart Glasses

Already a world leader in Smart Glasses, Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses bring the perfect combination of style and function. Enhanced fully wireless connectivity made even more dynamic. With completely see-through advanced waveguide optics and revolutionary microLED display engines that can be used indoors or outside, Vuzix delivers the future in smart glasses coming in 2021.

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*Vuzix’s Next Generation Smart Glasses is covered under multiple Vuzix Corporation patents and patents pending.

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