The Right solution, Right before your eyes,
Right out of the box.

VUZIX Basics™ Apps is a platform of essential Out-of-the-Box applications optimized for use with the growing lineup of Vuzix smart glasses and head mounted Augmented Reality displays. As easy as Click - Connect - Collaborate.

These are standard applications, simple to get started, simple to use, that immediately provide the fundamental benefits of smart glasses to novice and expert users alike. Whether you are seeking a simple standard solution to immediately deploy to your workforce, or you are seeking a fast, low cost proof of concept or pilot for smart glasses in your organization, the VUZIX Basics™ Apps is the solution.

VUZIX Basics™ Apps - the essentials that no smart glasses user should be without.

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Jump start your smart glasses project with VUZIX Basics™

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VUZIX Basics™ VIDEO & M300 Smart Glasses

+ Accessories Package at 20% Discount until 12/31/17
Click - Connect - Collaborate
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Buy now * €2279.00 including vat Package includes 1 year VUZIX™ Video license (glasses and remote terminal) plus an M300 Kit and set of industrial accessories. Shipping, Tax, VAT not included. Current Retail price = €2,556

The out of the box live video streaming solution

In two simple steps, VUZIX Basics™ Video connects your field technicians with your remote experts for real-time video/audio collaboration in a heads-up and hands-free environment enabled by Vuzix smart glasses. Instantaneous knowledge transfer from anywhere on the globe allows you to multiply the effectiviness of your expert technicians as they serve a number of junior technicians in the field.

Reduce high training costs while improving first time fix rates. Reduce truck rolls and eliminate the high costs of travel. Improve uptime and client service levels. The ROI's are proven and immediate. VUZIX Basics™: simple, easy, standard. Jump start your smart glasses project today with VUZIX Basics™ Video.

Essential Video collaboration Functionality:

  • Picture in picture (PIP) audio/video telepresence functionality

  • Continuously optimized video quality and image stabilization

  • Connect via WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz) or Mobile hotspot (3G/4G)

Simple To Use:

  • Preloaded software works right out of the box: click, connect, collaborate

  • Simple workflow - two clicks for smart glasses user to initiate call

  • Web portal for remote experts (up to 3 concurrent)


  • Meets stringent application level standards with TLS, SRTP, H.235, and AES 256-bit encryption

  • At the network level, our hosting facilities are with SOC 2 & HIPPA compliant

  • Leading edge filtering & advanced routing techniques protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

Inexpensive and Scalable

  • Only $699 per year per pair of smart glasses - no other pilot costs to get started

  • Global cloud based platform for high availability, low latency performance

  • Add users as necessary or apply for bulk discount pricing

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Vuzix supplies the Basics™, VIP's take it to the next level.

Although VUZIX Basics™ will get you started, many clients need more, like tie-ins to databases, document recording, Augmented Reality overlays, data capture and custom workflows. This is where the Vuzix Industrial Partner (VIP) program can help - click here to learn about Vuzix' 65+ VIP's and their custom applications to meet your complex smart glasses deployment needs.

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