M300 Pre-Order Deposit Program Completion

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M300 Smart Glasses – Hands-Free Mobile Computing

The Vuzix M300 is the next generation of Smart Glasses for hands-free mobile computing.

Perfect for Enterprise

Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses delivers a “hands free” digital world, providing unprecedented access to information, data collection and more. Improve existing workflows and open new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain, remote help desk, and other aspects of your business. The new M300 design is based on a common core platform using the Intel Atom processor – slated to drive both our new M300 and M3000 devices.

Operates on Android

The Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses is an ergonomically designed and rugged Android-based wearable computer. It’s enhanced with a monocular display and onboard processor, expandable memory, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities. And it’s been purpose-designed for enterprise, professional, and prosumer users. Pre-installed apps can be used to track timed events, manage your calendar, and link to your phone and more. The HD camera records, stores, plays back still pictures and video, and can be used as a bar code scanner. The M300 is compatible with thousands of existing Android apps and Vuzix’ easy access to developer resources enables the creation of custom apps to suit virtually any need.

Head-Tracking and GPS

Vuzix M300 provides most of the features and capabilities of a modern smartphone, in a hands-free wearable device. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity makes it ideal to pair with Android devices or connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi to the Internet. An integrated head tracking and GPS system provide apps with your location, the direction and angle of your current view for unprecedented situational awareness. Voice, button press, and touch pad with gesture controls, and ruggedized against water, dust, and dirt give the user versatility to navigate and use the M300 in almost any working environment. Also includes the flexibility of enhanced battery packs for long/high intensity users and lightweight batteries for low/infrequent users. The M300 is an updated design with enhanced functionality and wearability to follow on the popular Vuzix M100.
  • Optics
  • Display resolution: nHD color displays
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Field of View (diagonal): 16.7 degrees, equivalent to a 5 in. mobile device screen seen at 17 inches.
  • Brightness: >2000 nits
  • 24 bit color
  • Supports left or right eye use
  • Dual Core Intel Atom CPU
  • 2GB system RAM
  • Android 6 OS
  • 64GB internal flash memory
  • Controls
  • 4 standard Android control buttons
  • Remote control M300 manager app – runs on paired Android and iOS devices
  • Voice control – customizable and supports multiple languages
  • 2 Axis touch pad with gesture
  • Integrated head Tracker
  • 3-degree of freedom head tracking
  • 3 axis gyro
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 3 axis mag/integrated compass
  • GPS
  • Integrated
  • Battery
  • 160mAh internal battery supports hot swapping of external batteries
  • 860mAh smart external battery
  • Supports USB batteries providing at least 1 Amp
  • 2 – 12 hours of operation based on external battery choice
  • Audio
  • Ear speaker
  • Dual noise canceling microphones
  • Camera
  • Up to 13 megapixel stills
  • Up to 1080p video
  • Auto-Focus
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Flash/scene illumination
  • Universal Mounting Options Available
  • Eyeglass frames with or without lens
  • Safety glasses
  • Hard hat mount
  • Connectivity
  • MicroUSB 2.0 HS with OTG Support
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac – Dual-B 2.4/5 GHz
  • BT 4.1/2.1+EDR
  • Supported Host Devices Software
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Sensor Systems
  • Proximity inward facing
  • Proximity/ALS outward facing

M300 Pre-Order Program

Vuzix is pleased to announce the pre-order program for the new Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses. The new M300 represents the next evolution of Vuzix Smart Glasses design, born from real world user feedback and industry requirements culminating from over two years productive use of Vuzix’ M100 Smart Glasses, which continue to be shipped and implemented in industrial production today. The M300 is not a departure from the M100 product, but rather a migration with significantly improved ergonomics and technical features, such as hot swappable batteries, new Intel Atom processor running Android 6.0, and much more, all in a ruggedized form designed specifically for industrial use. Click the link to the right for detailed M300 specifications

Since 1997, Vuzix has been the dependable choice for a long term HMD and Smart Glasses hardware partner – focused on the Enterprise client’s needs. Clients can rely on Vuzix to provide the visibility of a clear technical roadmap, client-centric hardware migration programs, and a long industrial lifespan for Vuzix Smart Glasses hardware. To that end, please note that to support current and future M100 deployments, the commercially successful Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses will continue to be stocked and immediately deliverable beyond the release of the M300.

M300 Pre-Order Deposit Program

For Clients who want prioritized access to the new Vuzix M300 hardware, Vuzix is pleased to offer the following pre-order deposit program. For a deposit of €539.99 , M300 Pre-Order Clients will be guaranteed priority to receive M300’s in the first commercial shipment phase, once units are available and payment for the difference to the retail price of €1699.99 is received. Note that Pre-Orders receive second priority to M100/M300 Migration Package orders, and are therefore subject to product availability. This Pre-Order offer is made on a first come first serve basis, and may be discontinued at any time prior to the M300 initial ship date based on M300 product availability.

How to Place an M300 Pre-Order:

To pre-order 1 or more M300’s, please click the link to the right, and you will be directed to our webstore. Alternatively, please reach out directly to your Vuzix Account Manager, or for new clients please contact us at the following email: M300-Sales@vuzix.com

Pre-Order Volume Discounts:

Note that Pre-orders over 10 units will be provided escalating volume discounts. Please contact your Vuzix Account Manager for details, or for new clients please contact us at the following email: M300-Sales@vuzix.com

M300 Developer Pre-Production Units

To aid in a seamless integration of the M300 into new and existing Client systems, Vuzix’ software developers and key clients will be invited to purchase a limited quantity of pre-production M300s and associated SDK (software development kit). This is a limited quantity offer, and will require Vuzix’ approval of each developer/client applicant.

To submit your request for an M300 Developer Pre-production Unit, and to learn about the program timeline, terms and costs, please click the link to the right. Alternatively please contact your Vuzix Account Manager for details, or for new clients please contact us at the following email: M300-Sales@vuzix.com

M300 Software Developer Kit (SDK)

Currently in the alpha stage, the M300 Smart Glasses Software Development Kit (SDK) will contain all the information to get you started to build next generation Smart Glasses applications. The M300 Smart Glasses Developer Portal will be made available through the Vuzix Developer Center, and will be continually updated with our latest API documentation.

To purchase the M300 SDK, please click on the link to the right.

M300 VIP Application Partners

In Vuzix’ continuing strategy to provide a clear and seamless hardware migration program for our Enterprise Smart Glasses clients, selected Vuzix VIP Partners will be given early access to M300 hardware and SDK. This ensures that when the new M300s start shipping, our VIP Partners’ software platforms will be capable of seamlessly integrating the new hardware into our Clients’ systems without delay. Vuzix will work closely with these Partners to certify that their software platforms will support both the M100 and M300 concurrently. Note that many of these certified Software Application Partners will have special M300 migration programs for existing and new clients, and therefore Vuzix encourages our clients to reach out to these partners directly.

For an updated list of Software Application Partners with Vuzix certified M100/M300 platforms, please click on the link to the right.

M300 SDK

To get new M300 SDK please contact us with the form below.

As a leading supplier of Enterprise based Smart Glasses Vuzix is proud to introduce the Smart Glasses M300 Software Development Kit (SDK), our second generation “Hands Free” display and communications system for on-the-go data access. The Smart Glasses M300 offers users a unique, portable, high-quality viewing experience for digital content in the Enterprise space. The Smart Glasses M300 Platinum Software Development Kit (SDK) contains all the information to get you started to build next generation applications. The Smart Glasses M300 Developer Portal will be made available through the Vuzix Developer Center.

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