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Blade™ Edge Program:

Based on the overwhelming response to the unveiling of the Vuzix Blade™ at CES 2018, Vuzix is excited to launch the new Vuzix Blade™ Edge program. The Vuzix Blade™ Edge program replaces the “Sold Out” Vuzix Blade™ Beta Developer Pre-Order program (current Pre-Order clients please see message below regarding your order). Please check back to Vuzix.com often for updates on the Blade® Edge programs and status of availability.

The Blade™ Edge Program is designed to grow the ecosystem of apps and solutions for Blade users, and to harness the excitement and “engage” early Blade™ fans and devotees. Join the Vuzix Blade™ Edge program as we forge the future of AR smart glasses for the both enterprise and consumer users by applying today for one of the three exclusive and limited enrollment Blade™ Edge member groups:

Blade™Edge Architect

Gain an edge over the developer community by participating in the early Blade™ Edge Architect application development program. Approved Apps can be hosted on the Vuzix App Store, providing visibility to the entire Vuzix Blade community, and allowing you to monetize your Blade idea.

Receive access to Vuzix Blade ; SDK, emulator, technical specification updates, and ultimately early Vuzix Blade ; hardware. Receive direct access to Vuzix Engineers via a secure forum on the Vuzix website exclusive to Blade™ Edge Architects.

Blade™ Edge @Work:

Edge out the competition and be first to market with your enterprise Vuzix Blade Solution. The Blade™ Edge @Work program is designed for Enterprise end users, solution providers, and integrators.

Receive access to Vuzix Blade; SDK, emulator, technical specification updates, and ultimately early Vuzix Blade hardware. Blade™ Edge @Work members will be assigned a Vuzix Account manager where appropriate to ensure support through the development, pilot, and deployment stages of your project.

Blade™ Edge Engage

Be on the cutting edge of the AR smart glasses revolution by participating in the Blade™ Edge Engage program. Designed for the individual, Blade Edge Engage members will participate in early trials and testing, provide valuable feedback, and be short listed to receive the first allocations of production Blades.

Engage directly with Vuzix and other Blade™ Edge Engage members to directly impact the Bladed Edge program and help to validate the technology and drive the early Blade application eco-system.

*Not sure where you fit? Don’t worry, sign up and fill out the application, and Vuzix will contact you to help.

** NOTE for current Vuzix Blade Beta Developer Kit pre-order clients: Although the Blade™ Beta Developer pre-order program has been closed, you are still in the front of the line and will receive two Blade™ units as described. You will also automatically be placed into one of the 3 Blade™ Edge member groups, based on the information you supplied when you registered for the pre-order. Vuzix will notify you accordingly. If you have any questions about your group assignment, timing for your Blade™ delivery, Vuzix will provide you a direct contact via our notification outreach. We appreciate your excitement around the Vuzix Blade™ and look forward to your participation in our journey to launch.

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Vuzix Blade™ App Development

Be the first to develop applications for the world's first consumer AR smart glasses - finally a perfect blend of style and technology.

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Feature-Packed Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses with Advanced Waveguide Optics

Wearable Display for Mobile Entertainment and VR

€270 deposit, apply for Blade™ EDGE Program Pre-order

* €1080 (including vat) Blade Edge Kit includes Blade™ Edge Unit and Developer Tools. Limited Quantity. Invoice for remaining €780 must be paid prior to shipping. Ship Date TBD, please check back to www.Vuzix.eu for updates. Vuzix reserves the right to deny program membership at its sole discretion.

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