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Experience the Difference for Improving Business Efficiency

We have developed a set of optimized software solutions to improve business efficiency. The solutions make use of the functional advantages typical of wearable devices, namely the miniaturization of technology and the ability to perform working activities whilst having your hands free. The different applications that make up the solutions are interdependent and can be integrated between them.




B View enables the user, hands-free, to get a specialized support and to share the same view in real-time with a remote expert, thanks to  video streaming and voice communication.

B View provides an innovative and user friendly graphical user interface. The innovative solution integrates the technology with smart glasses, facilitates and optimizes the communication between a technician and an expert operator located remotely anywhere who can provide specialized support.



B Take provides support during logistics activities, leaving your hands free during the pick-up or reception activities, allowing to speed up and optimize the processes, reducing human errors, thanks to code reading and gesture commands.

B Take provides an innovative and user friendly graphical interface and is an innovative solution integrated into a smart glasses device, for optimizing the process of goods management during the receipt, handling or collections.




B Med has been devise to provide assistance and support to doctors and medical staff by leveraging smart glasses devices.

B Med applied to the healthcare sector facilitates audio/video communication directly in live streaming between the medical staff. The solution provides functionalities, such as the ability to send files, view medical reports and video records via secure data transfer.

Easy-to-use it can be integrated with your existing applications and systems. A new solution for the telemedicine service.




The solution B Guard, designed by Brochesia, has been devised to make easy audio/video documentation of events by police or security staff in order to facilitate direct communications between agents in the field and the operations center.

The application is optimized for the smart glasses devices and allows great freedom of movement thanks to the use of voice commands or gesture control allowing you to operate hands-free.

Easy-to-use it can be integrated with your existing applications and systems. A new solution for public and private security services.




The solution has been devised to allow Press Agent, Reporters, PR, Event Organizers to make reportage, to transmit audio/video in live streaming or recording and then transmitting the recorded audio/video by leveraging Smart Glasses devices.

B Media enables full freedom of movement thanks to the wearable technology and ease-to-use GUI interface can be managed by voice command or gesture control


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