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EVOLARIS – development of digital assistance systems in the industrial sector

Live Support for Increased Efficiency - Video assistance via smart glasses, smartphone or mobile device

Irrespective of the area of application – maintenance, service or production – EVOCALL enables live-assistance, whenever and wherever needed. Bidirectional live-audio and video streaming allows specialists to guide the process and send important information such as data sheets or checklists directly to your smart glasses, smartphone or mobile device. This guarantees location-independent support in real-time. The entire support session can be recorded and used for additional training sessions.


  • Live audio- and video-support
  • Recording support sessions
  • Generating snapshots and highlighting objects
  • Live document sharing
  • Conference calls
  • Chat-feature / Live-laser pointer

Your Benefit:

  • Minimised maintenance times
  • Maximised availability
  • Decreased travel costs and times
  • Reduced training-costs
  • Optimized service- and operating costs
  • Decreased language barriers


Mobile knowledge management on the shopfloor - Hands-free knowledge documentation, accessible anytime and anywhere

EVOASSIST is a mobile knowledge management system for smart glasses and tablets which allows experts to document specific knowledge as an image or video to rapidly create visual instructions, directly in the course of performing their work.


  • Creating language-independent and intuitive instructions easily
  • Allocating knowledge to specific contexts (eg. products or equipment)
  • Spreading contents efficiently across different sites
  • Easily and quickly retrieving know-how by scanning a QR-Code or with manual search
  • Assessing contents

Your Benefit:

  • Document knowledge handsfree
  • Retain and spread valuable experts know-how across different sites efficiently
  • Generate language-independent instructions easily
  • Reduced time spent on repairs and training
  • Increased efficiency in service, maintenance and production

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