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Since 2007 APTUS team is dedicated to make industrial and security processes easier and much more productive through digital transformation. Core expertise is in the implementation of Warehouse Management Systems, Video Surveillance and Video Conferencing and Collaboration Systems. Having the new technologies on hand with Augmented Reality glasses and field expertise in the business domains described, led to the development of ExpertVision platform.


About the Expert Vision Platform:


Over the years during our implementations we integrated many extension devices to business processes in industry, starting from forklift tablets, RF barcode sanners, RFID antenas, and Voice devices. The integration process not always was out of the box and simple, for this reason we gathered all our experiences and built a configurable and easy to integrate platform.


Pick By Vision
Improve your workforce efficiency with Augmented Reality

  • Agile quick fulfillment
  • Reduced errors
  • User friendly
  • Hands free
  • Task always in sight
  • Host system independent - Manhattan SCALE, SAP EWM, Oracle, Made4Net Warehouse Expert or others ...



Task Editor
Full web based task editor, with javascript syntax highlighting, capturing all states/pages of the RF screen. Specify the way information is presented to the user: voice (TTS), text display or image display.




Maintenance by Vision

The maintenance module has two functionalites

1. A self guiding preloaded library to go throug step by step predesigned maintenance steps for service engineers and maybe even for premium service level customers.

2. See what I see 2 way video solution, giving the possibility for a remote expert to help the field agent or customer.

All modules are supporting barcode scanning, voice guidance, voice recognition, and remote marking on the freezed video stream.

Our own augmented reality targeting engine stick the markers directly on the remote engineer visual field.

  • Execute paralel maintenace operations on multiple sites
  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Record operations
  • Diminish downtimes


Remote Assistance Desk
Web based maintenance remote assistance desk, team activity surveillance on map, direct video chat, see-what-i-see solution. The backoffice expert has the possibility to mark objects on the operator view, this way live augmentation is triggered.


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