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Solutions for Manufacturing, QA, Servicing, Warehousing, Remote Support, Tele-medicine, Training


xPick: Manual Order Picking, Incoming/ Outgoing Goods, Sorting and Packing of Goods, Inventory and Deficiencies
This is an innovative “pick-by-vision” order picking solution. It supports manual order picking, incoming, outgoing, sorting and packing of goods as well as inventory management. xPick allows for hands-free order picking with high speed while at the same time being able to reduce the number of picking errors. Up to 30 percent of performance improvement is achieved by customers using xPick. With optional modules, e.g. for weight checks, RFID tags, barcode scans, localization, or voice confirmations, error rates can be further reduced. User acceptance is usually very high due to the innovative graphical UI design. xPick offers enormous customization flexibility and does not rely on any electronics in the environment except WLAN. It can be integrated with every warehouse management system and includes existing standard interfaces to the major ones.


xMake: Assembly, Quality Assurance, Inspection, Training
An innovative “make-by-vision” solution for manufacturing, assembly line support, and quality assurance. Today, static step-by-step assembly and quality assurance procedures dominate industrial production processes. Instructions are often printed on paper or provided via a desktop PC. In both cases instructions are not always in the line of sight of the worker nor are they dynamically adjustable during production. With xMake, relevant information, confirmations, and documentation capabilities are always at the worker’s exact location and in front of his eyes. As a result, xMake helps to increase speed and quality of production processes as well as simplifies training of new or temporary workers. Sensor datas of machines are used by xMake to improve process quality and to increase context awareness. After rollout, adding additional production workflows is easily possible without further assistance by Ubimax.

xInspect: Service and Maintenance, Inspection, Training, Remote Assistance
The xInspect solution is an innovative “inspect-by-vision” solution targeting all kinds of service & maintenance processes in various industries. Service and inspection activities usually occupy both hands of a service technician. In addition, further information such as maintenance procedures are needed “at hand” as well. With xInspect all relevant information, like guidelines, checklists, visualizations, circuit diagrams, etc. are always right in the line of sight without compromising on a workers’ mobility. Documentation features like taking a photo or recording a video are seamlessly integrated. Offline functionality is an important aspect since network connection is not always available in the field. And adding additional information is easily possible without further assistance by Ubimax.

xAssist: Remote Assistance in Various Use Cases
The xAssist solution provides remote assistance functionality to significantly reduce machine downtime and travel cost and time for key experts. Since the remote expert sees exactly what the person on-site sees, very detailed feedback and instructions are possible. Via the intuitive xAssist web-based user interface, the remote expert can control what the person on-site sees and hears with his smart glass: video, audio, pictures, screenshots, documents, markers, and more. Furthermore, important vital data (e.g. for healthcare applications) or machine data (e.g. for maintenance scenarios) can be transmitted via plug-ins tot he xAssist application. For documentation purposes, sessions can be recorded. And last but not least, the image quality and frames per second can manually or automatically be reduced or increased depending on connection speed and the specific use case requirements.

xCare: Ward Round, Medical File, Surgery and Examination, Dementia Treatment
A unique solution supports doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical staff by providing hands-free access to relevant information during their work. Hospital information systems today hold a massive amount of data that medical staff constantly needs to work with in order to comply with work procedures. However, at the same time patients require a lot of personal interaction and often both hands are needed as well. xCare helps to access all relevant patient information in an easy and unobtrusive way without negatively affecting patient interaction or eye contact. xCare also offers a completely new way to work with medical files, documenting health parameters, diagnosis, or treatments. Very similar scenarios are covered in elderly care.

xBuild: Guidelines and Policies, Blueprints, Documentation, Progress Tracking
The xBuild solution supports construction managers, engineers, architects, and construction workers onsite by providing access to relevant information on a smart glass. The labor intense construction industry strongly benefits from hands-free operation, which significantly increases, e.g. on-the-job safety by displaying context sensitive alerts and security procedures. xBuild allows for documenting work progress and construction defects along the way. Besides tracking work backlogs, step-by-step tutorials may guide through certain tasks. For temporary staff, xBuild holds a set of specific elements to train and guide new workers though their assigned tasks with high efficiency.

Customized Solutions
If none of Ubimax’s standardized solutions solves a customer’s problem, we offer custom development services. Based on the specific use case we conduct a project as an individual development or as a co-innovation project. Co-innovation activities typically aim at developing radically new solutions or enhancing existing ones with very innovative features. Usually companies with a “first mover strategy” chose this model to stay ahead of their competition. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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