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What is eyeCADconnect?

The eyeCADconnect software is the intelligent combination of software and AR hardware components for any Windows based dental CAD-system.

Easily installed on the scanning unit it transfers the digital impression data via a closed Wi-Fi signal from the scanner onto the glasses. The transfer is done in real time, without any latency, without any cables.

The smart glasses enabling practitioners to undertake digital impressions ergonomically with efficiency and ease.

Instead of looking to and from the patient to the monitor when carrying out digital impressions, with eyeCADconnect one can stay focused on the patient.

For the first time the dentist is independent from a monitor and could work hands free with an intraoral scanner or other devices.

Now available for loop glasses and surgical procedures with Vuzix M300



  • Detailed field of view
  • Ergonomically correct posture of the practitioner is encouraged
  • Wireless synchronizing in real time of CAD-system and eyeCADconnect
  • Perfect fit through individual adjustment and a quick strap
  • Increased process reliability and the utmost in mobility



eyeCADconnect is designed for multiple users and heavy usage.

The eyeCADconnect offers a durable build and flexible design, so it can be worn for long periods in complete comfort for a wide range of head shape and size, even over glasses. The Vuzix M300 display and high brightness ensure a crisp image and vivid colors.



The eyeCADconnect software is the perfect connector system for your windows based CAD-system. Easily installed on the system via a software stick it will allow you to see the digital impression on your glasses within minutes. Ergonomic treatment allows you to pay more attention to your patient.



  • Time saving through reduced monitor control
  • Immediate control allows improved digital imprint quality
  • Increase of added value through enhanced workflow
  • Image gain through modern treatment method

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