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Streye Platform is a secure real-time multi-device management platform to administer and control your company or institution’s technological deployment. Develop and deploy, take advantage of our app and infrastructure services.

  • Device Management

Control your devices and wearables from a secure web environment, being able to install apps OTA, update your OS, getting to know status, performance and location.

  • Big Data Information

Obtain apps and devices performance information and users behaviour. Get to know required info to assess return on investment.

  • Maximum Security

SSL-encrypted users and data management. Deploy your apps securely to your wearables without using public marketplaces.


Streye Suite ™

Streye is a set of Smartglasses-based apps for the optimization of work processes through the newest-cutting edge Enterprise devices on the market such as the Vuzix M300 and others.

  • Reduce Costs:

Access information delay-free and directly from anywhere.

  • Increase Performance:

Carry out, consult and improve each daily task and process, hands free.

  • Maximize Efficiency:

Increase your own productivity as well as your team’s. Achieve optimization in all your company's departments.


Streye Live & Streye Live Pro

Stream live events through Youtube Live or broadcast in a more private way through the PRO solution

With the new version of Streye Live and Streye Live Pro, you can stream your smart glasses point of view and share it with your collaborators live. With Streye Live you can broadcast to YouTube so that your channel subscribers can watch it. If you want to have your videos available on your channel, but not shared with your subscribers, you can set them as Private before broadcasting.

If you want to enjoy less latency in your live broadcast, real-time interaction and your own private and secure platform, then Streye Live Pro is for you. Send the access link to your collaborators with the event ID so they may start watching your broadcast from their Web browser or from our Android app. In addition, your collaborators will be able to communicate with you by chat.

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