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Futurus is an Atlanta-based future technologies company, specializing in the development of Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses applications for businesses. We work with companies to create one-of-a-kind, immersive experiences to streamline employee training, warehouse logistics, on-site service support, and maintenance troubleshooting. Our services range cross-industry including manufacturing, heavy machinery, construction, robotics, automotive, and consumer packaged goods.


Custom Solutions

  • Quick Access Manual - Instead of flipping through a paper manual or digging through layers of information on a website, unique product codes trigger instant information to the smart glasses or mobile application. These manuals provide concise and easy to digest information about the product at hand.
  • Troubleshooting Error Codes - Error codes need immediate attention and slow down activity on a job site. By integrating a custom error code reader feature into the smart glasses application users can look at the error code and top support suggestions will automatically populate depending on what piece of equipment they are working on.
  • See What I See - See What I See is a live video stream from smart glasses to another person at a different physical location. This solution has the potential of multiplying the effectiveness of expert technicians as they serve multiple junior technicians around the globe from one remote location.
  • Product Visualization - It can be difficult to imagine what a piece of equipment will look like on-site. Product visualization helps to eliminate uncertainty by overlaying a model of the equipment in the physical world. This feature is a powerful tool for any company that wants to showcase large equipment without having to transport the physical product.


The Futurus team places a heavy emphasis on research and development to ensure we are equipped with the knowledge necessary to recommend the most effective technology solutions. We partner with leading hardware manufacturers like Vuzix to keep a step ahead of the technology in order to future-proof applications. Every company is unique and we create custom software to meet your specific needs. 

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