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1Minuut | Innovating Healthcare

1Minuut is a young, dynamic and growing organization focused on healthcare innovation. 1Minuut designs, develops and implements innovative software solutions. For the development 1Minuut always works from practice, together with doctors and healthcare professionals. 1Minuut is known for the successful project; Glazz. For past 5 years, 1Minuut has been working on the development and implementation of remote expertise through the Smart Glass within dutch healthcare in project Glazz. Dutch healthcare faces the same challenges as the rest of Western society, an aging population, growing expenses and a shortage of healthcare professionals. The result is the healthcare application Genzõ, making a connection with the Vuzix M300 Smart Glass and delivering the results healthcare was waiting for. 1Minuut now takes the first steps in a new healtchcare innovation paradigm with the start of the groundbreaking Augmented Reality Blade Medicine Safety Project!

Thé all-in-one healthcare app; easy - mobile - safe
Smart Glass Calling | Video calling | Calling | Chatting | Messages | Group conversations | File Sharing Notes | Medical Scribe
After 5 years of development together with healthcare organizations, the time has come to launch Genzõ. 1Minuut proudly presents the mobile all-in-one solution for healthcare; Genzõ! Together with the Vuzix M300 Smart Glass, 1Minuut can deliver professional quality to trust on! Genzõ combines all modern communication functionalities. Adds remote expertise via the Smart Glass. In addition, Genzõ offers unique functionalities, specially developed for healthcare organizations. Genzõ is proven to be safe by Deloitte Assuring Medical Apps and an innovation of Privacy & Security in itself. Genzõ has been developed with the aim of improving the flexibility of healthcare professionals. Genzõ proved in practice that remote expertise can even lead to improved quality of healthcare. The success of Genzõ is evident from the detailed business cases within the Glazz project. Major gains are made in the area of continuity. Genzõ is now ready to innovate the primary care process at every healthcare organization, easy, mobile and safe. Genzõ is available for iOS and Android and the Vuzix app store. Can be used on every Smartphone and Tablet and is specially developed for use with the Vuzix M300.

Augmented Reality Blade Medicine Safety Project
For the first time in Europe, Augmented Reality in combination with AR glasses will be used for medication safety in healthcare. The result is a reduction of the meditation-errorrate to as good as nil. In this project starting from the end of April, 1Minuut focuses on the latest development of Vuzix, the Vuzix Blade. The Vuzix Blade has been put forward in this project as the AR glasses to be used within this Augmented Reality project. The Vuzix M3000 Blade combines the functionalities needed to achieve this innovation with the right looks. Together with 1Minuut now takes the first steps in a new care innovation paradigm with the start of the groundbreaking project Augmented Reality Blade Medicine safety project.

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