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The software company iTiZZiMO was founded in 2012 and since then deals with implementing mobile apps for smart devices and their integration into existing IT-structures. With the Simplifier, a web-based environment for configuring integrated business apps, iTiZZiMO created an unified technological basis for digital transformation of enterprises. iTiZZiMO provides companies with a technology to configure applications and save resources. Reusable content and continued existence of IT-systems sustainably secure investments and ensure the needed efficiency for digital transformation of companies and their processes.


About the Simplifier:


The Simplifier is the digital transformation platform to build, manage and run integrated IoT applications for mobile and wearable devices. It lets you leverage data from existing systems and new devices, build integrated business applications without code and engage your employees, customers and business partners.



Smart Maintenance
Customize your mobile applications to increase efficiency for your maintenance tasks. With ERP-integration and Augmented Reality you can provide mainteance workers with all needed information and efficiently guide them through their jobs.

  • reduce error rates
  • minimize walking distances
  • eliminate paper-based workflows



Smart Remote Service

The Simplifier Remote Service Application and the Vuzix M100 / M300 are a perfect match for connecting workers with remote experts. The high-contrast display secures perfect information exchange even in poorly lit environments. Gesture control secures easy handling while wearing gloves.

On-site technicians can connect themselves with external experts and can receive instructions directly displayed into their field of view. Due to the transmission of the HD camera image the expert can analyze the situation on-site and gives valuable instructions without having to travel himself.

  • reduce travel expenses
  • easily supervise repair works
  • diminish downtimes



Smart Predictive Maintenance

With its monocular display the Vuzix M100 is perfect for wearing it all day. In case of irregularities of machines, the smart glass informs its user and offers actions for resolving issues. Information within the user’s field of view help to react faster and to prevent significant damage and downtime.

  • monitor all machinery in realtime
  • prevent greater damages
  • automate initiation of follow-up processes
  • receive detailed instructions




Smart Production

Customizable solutions for production support ensure that workers have all information at hand or in their field of view. Step-by-step guidance with smart glasses or tablets support workers in all their tasks. With augmented reality they can control selection and positioning of every component. Having aconnection to the inventory control system the inventory stays up to date all the time. When quantities decrease to a special level the system automatically orders supply.

  • reduce error rates
  • minimize rework
  • Remote Service as optional feature

Smart Picking

Wherever things are stored and inventory data needs to be updated regularly an connection to the inventory control system helps to automate warehousing processes. 

  • update inventory data automatically 
  • automate processes for re-order or notifications
  • provide additional information for every item



Customized Processes

With the agile technology of the Simplifier nearly every process can be enriched and eased by smart glasses and IoT (IIOT) enabled devices. Do you want to interconnect your existing systems to reduce manual workload? The Simplifier takes over the data management so you can stick to your existing systems and devices. Do you want to offer better service to your customers? Applications based on the Simplifier help to achieve better communication, optimized information exchange and a basis for self services.



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