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Company Description

CaptureTech is all about traceability. As a specialist in Automatic Identification, we focus on applying technologies such as Barcode, RFID, Vision and Voice Recognition to make logistic processes more efficient and more reliable. We develop standard solutions, systems and products based on these technologies, including our IntelliGlass solution based on Vuzix smartglasses. This specific solution enables you to make processes in warehouses, distribution centers, production facilities and maintenance applications more efficient, more secure and more reliable. 

Making smart and practical use of technology, that is CaptureTech’s forte, and that is how each time we achieve the next level in traceability!



CaptureTech Corporation is proud to introduce as a Vuzix VIP partner, the revolutionary Intelliglass, a smarter, more ergonomic and more efficient wearable-solution.

We are bringing IOT technology like Augmented Reality and Virtual reality into practice within warehouse and distribution environments by using the Intelliglass which enables a portable high quality viewing experience in a logistic workflow.

Intelliglass is a new member of the family within the CaptureTech Holon Platform. Holon software is specifically developed and designed to optimize current logistic processes within warehouse and distribution environments. 

How does it work;

The heart of the Intelliglass solution is the Holon Platform, Holon drives the Intelliglass and enables a user to have all their tasks and orders displayed realtime on a screen, furthermore all tasks and orders can be executed handsfree. Besides scanning with the smart glasses connecting a BlueTooth ring scanner to the Intelliglass enables a user to scan high volumes at high speed. In addition to the Intelliglass you are free to combine and use other modules within the Holon Platform such as:RF Scanning (SignaRF), Voice-Picking (DecibelVoice) and RFID (Hertz) 

Holon stands for a realtime connection with an ERP-system and gives a full insight in; all available orders, status of orders and users. The Holon Platform assigns orders to users. This user is free to use a computer, Intelliglass or a combination of both to complete his or her tasks.

“View The Future” and take a moment to see if your orderpickers are equipped with the right tools.. Are your orderpickers able to get the job done in fast and flawless way?


CEO Testimonial

Maarten Anderson, Managing Director of CaptureTech: “As an innovative Auto ID integrator, CaptureTech Corporation is really pleased with the Vuzix VIP Program, as it enriches our value proposition to optimize logistic processes of our customers, varying from warehouse operations to executing maintenance in the field. The Vuzix solution finally fills a gap that other Auto ID techniques could just not cover.”

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