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About GN Informatica

GN is a consulting company specialized in information technology which operates on all the variables of the chain that generates business value: strategy, processes, technology and people. Combining specialists and experts, GN has the more multidisciplinary team suited for the solution to be found. Final objectives: identify variables that generates value and offer supports to develop strategies which get business opportunities. Strong competencies and high professionalism are the main ingredients of GN success that has succeeded in the market thanks to steady growth reached in a short time since its foundation in 1995. The close assistance to customers and their needs have made a solid and innovative company, open to the more advanced market types. GN success is strongly linked to its corporate policies.


What we do

GN is responsible for all technical aspects: installation, configuration, data migration, integration with existing systems, standard solution customization and the implementation of ad hoc solutions for the customer.
The most successful solutions of GN include:

  • Integration with ERP systems such as Oracle JDEdwards Enterprise One through the use of products such as Oracle BPEL and WebMethods,
  • Developing of solutions for social networking and edem0cracy;
  • Development of CRM solutions;
  • Solutions of Sales Force Automation;
  • Development of applications for Field Service Management;
  • Mobile Solutions for warehouse management and the assembly chain.


Over the years GN has gained skills with the most widespread programming languages (including: Java,.NET, php)and can assist your business in the development of ad hoc solutions. Our activities comprise plans, architectures, models and procedures development and implementation for a proper corporate data management during their lifecycle. These activities include: modeling, database administration (Oracle Database, MySQL, IBM DB2, ...), data warehousing, security, design and implementation of high reliability / availability.

GN technicians are specialized in the implementation of evolved Knowledge Management System and can support you in the processes definition and organization, making available system integration competences on the specific technologies of the field and helping you in the development of their Knowledge Base.

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