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About DOSCO Document Systems Consulting GmbH

DOSCO develops applications and systems for Technical documentation. The range of requirements is very varied. The product cycles are becoming shorter. The number of variants is increasing. Cost pressures are rising. New output channels have opened up with smartphones, tablet PC’s or smart glasses.

With SKILL Chat and SKILL Task we use these output channels and offer a product to support the workers in the field optimally via smart glasses and provide them with the neccessary information.

Our applications SKILL Chat and SKILL Task for smart glasses support workers in service and production optimally.

By the use of Augmented Reality the worker gets context-relevant information about the work to be done, working steps can be tracked and help from remote experts can be requested via video chat

The worker's hands remain free and ready for operations, nor more annoying handling of manuals, sheets and pencils or tablets and laptops.


Skill Chat

Via smart glasses SKILL Chat connects workers in service and production with remote support colleagues (“experts“). This video chat application provides a perfect means for aimed support. The worker’s hands remain free and ready for operations.


Skill Task

Via smart glasses SKILL Task provides the worker in service or production with step by step instructions of the task to be performed. Additional functions like QR code detection, photo and voice notes as well as video chat offer further support and increased quality assurance.

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