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Idnet is a highly skilled consultancy and integrator that creates effective logistics for retail stores and warehouses. The goal is to provide our clients with modern and future-proof logistics solutions resulting in improved work practices, increased profitability and better ergonomics. Deliveries consist of WMS solutions and/or integration with existing warehouse/business/and store information systems that allows the customer to maximize system utilization and increases the efficiency and quality significantly. Customers consist largely of leading Swedish chain stores but also companies in the e-commerce, 3PL and manufacturing industries. Idnet has 36 employees, and is headquartered in Gothenburg with a local offices in Björbo, Sweden. Idnet always focus on developing the best solution for each customer. The choice of technology is completely dependent on the customer's requirements and consists mostly of services combined with equipment from world leading manufacturers. The result is always an efficient and profitable business for the client.

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