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Picking with smart glasses!


It works. It’s live.

What was once just a vision is now reality. Thanks to Picavi, pick by vision has arrived in intralogistics. By keeping workers’ hands free and ensuring both reliable visual process guidance and improved routes, this time-saving solution using smart glasses ensures smooth material flow – from goods receipt and picking to dispatch and inventory. Picavi is ready to use, tailor-made and modular.



Glasses on, hands free


With years of expertise and intensive development work, Picavi is ideally tailored to smart glasses that use the Android operating system. All that is required to use this wearable computing system is a WLAN network throughout the entire warehouse. Picavi uses the new vuzix M300 to ensure maximum efficiency. By keeping workers hands free and visually guiding them through the picking process, the system lets you increase productivity and guarantee accuracy.



Quick and reliable picking processes

At the start of their shift, the warehouse worker logs into the system by scanning their personal barcode or QR code. Picavi then transfers the first order to the smart glasses. The smart glasses’ user-friendly interface gives the picker an overview of all the important information in real time, and also keeps their hands free to pick up the goods. Picavi guides the picker to the storage location, where they scan the barcode using the integrated barcode scanner to confirm the pick, with no need to handle a hand scanner or paper list. In order to ensure efficient order processing, Picavi is in constant connection with the respective ERP or WMS.



Picavi Power Control – Battery and control element in one

Picavi Power Control keeps the smart glasses supplied with energy, so that you can keep using them for long periods. Even at a very high pick density, the energy provided by the Picavi Power Control can keep the glasses going for at least an entire shift. Unlike standard power packs, it is specially configured for the conditions in production facilities and warehouses. It features a robust case and strain-relieved cabling with screwed industrial connectors. Weighing in at 7oz, the light battery pack also offers an alternative to controlling the smart glasses using the buttons or touchpads.


With its ergonomic buttons, it also acts as an intuitive control element, opening up a range of options for operation. Different smart glasses models can all be operated using the same controls. Working with the battery is also extremely intuitive. The secure attachment on the belt and the strain relief in the connection cable grant the picker the necessary freedom of movement. The batteries are charged in a stable four-bay charging station that was also developed by Picavi.

Picavi systems are already being used successfully in several warehouses of different sizes and in different sectors. Every day, staff work with the smart glasses throughout the entire shift in various picking strategies in the high-bay warehouse (wide aisle and narrow aisle), in shelving racks and in block storage.

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