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Apprentice Field Suite

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A complete AR Solution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and R&D

We use the Vuzix M100, wearable technology and other mobile/fixed AR/VR tools to improve the complex manufacturing processes of Pharmaceutical companies today. AFS customers benefit from an immediate Return on Investment. Our regulatory compliant solution is currently in use at several of the largest Pharma manufacturers, Biotech's, CMO's and equipment manufacturers.


In-Use today

We empower managers, engineers, scientists, technicians and operators to improve their process by maximizing efficiency, quality and safety, with immediate operational cost savings. This is accomplished by leveraging our 3 applications built for the M100:


MANUALS - Hands Free Process and Workflow Aid

On-demand SOPs, PMs, Batch Records, Safety Checklists, and more. Voice commands or hand gestures for hands-free interaction with management reporting to improve process creation and control process deviation.


GAUGE – Safety and Data Collection

Capture gauge data and other facility metrics by simply looking at the object. Automatic flagging/alerting for specific readings. Clear "in-use" lockout tagout awareness system with visual AR emergency announcement warnings, self reporting capabilities, and more.


TANDEM - Collaborative Remote Troubleshooting/Enhanced Telepresence

An SME can see, diagnose and collaborate in real time from elsewhere at your facility, or half way around the world from his/her Smart Phone or computer.

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