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2-Way Video, Quality Assurance, Remote Support, Training, Warehouse Logistics

Germany-based hightec company oculavis GmbH is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Society – Europes largest organization for applied research. oculavis’ software modules for smart glasses and other wearable devices are designed to boost productivity and quality of process in production, assembly, quality assurance, intralogistics and field service.



With oculavis.assist companies improve quality and efficiency of their manual processes by animated step-by-step instructions on tablets, smart phones or smart glasses. When needed, context sensitive information can be provided by augmented reality. oculavis.assist speeds up manual production process up to 30% and reduces error rates of assembly tasks up to 94%.



Customer audits, sharing information across different production sites and countries or supporting customers in maintaining defect machines and equipment: oculavis.share connects you with the staff on the spot and enables you to remotely support. For these purposes oculavis maps the whole process of planning, conduction and documentation of different video chat application scenarios. Deploying oculavis.share significantly reduces travel costs and machine downtimes in case of defects.



With oculavis.pick on Vuzix smart glasses logistics staff can operate all tasks by only one device: receiving pick & place instructions, confirming them by scanning 2D codes or augmented interactions with the storage system. All tasks can be performed by our pick by vision module. Employees are guided purely visual through their daily logistics tasks what increases efficiency of the whole process up to 25%.



For quality assurance in production companies often use inflexible and stationary metrology systems. Some of such quality assurance tasks can be performed by cameras of Vuzix smart glasses. With oculavis.imaging we develop a solution that enables seamlessly integrated quality assurance processes for detecting geometrical and thermal product and process features.

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