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SCN – SAP Augmented Reality 

SCN – SAP AR Warehouse Picker
With a hands-free augmented reality (AR) solution like SAP AR Warehouse Picker and smart glasses, warehouse pickers can finish tasks more quickly and efficiently while reducing mistakes. Imagine working hands-free with augmented reality via smart glasses.

This video shows a warehouse picker getting directions on his smart glasses. SAP is working with Vuzix to unleash to power of augmented reality. This helps create efficiencies for organization across lines of businesses by enabling real-time access to data for factory workers.











SCN – AR Service Technician
Vuzix Smart Glasses combined with SCN – AR Service Technician provides field technicians in your organization with hands-free functionality that improves work quality, productivity, and efficiency. With SAP AR Service Technician, field service technicians can complete their work orders more efficiently. This application is a companion application to the SAP Work Manager application and uses a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) that allows technicians to view 3D models and animated step-by-step instructions, which can help to carry out equipment repair. Service technicians can record audio notes, helping ensure better communication. All of the features included in the SAP AR Service Technician application are managed using Voice Recognition, which makes this application completely hands-free and allows the user to fulfill their tasks conveniently.

Imagine your service and asset management force working hands free while you give them the content and contextual tools they need to complete their jobs quickly, safely, and on the first visit. SAP is working with Vuzix to incorporate technologies like augmented reality, computer vision, and simultaneous localization and mapping into wearable computers for your enterprise.


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