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Augmate – A World Where Everyone Can Work Without Friction

To accomplish this goal, Augmate created the Wearable Environment (WE) Manage platform – the leading enterprise solution that empowers IT administrators to quickly and securely scale thousands of wearable devices across their workforce.






Augmate’s Wearable Environment (WE)

WE Manage – for Speed, Security, Scalability
Innovative organizations around the world use Augmate’s core functionality — over the air (OTA) system updates — to manage users, applications, and devices remotely. Our OTA device policy establishes a command and control center, enabling administrators to easily monitor and manage fleets of wearables from one central location. Via our web application, administrators can:

  • Automate device policy
  • Install and uninstall applications
  • Monitor device battery status and last location
  • Configure multiple Wi-Fi networks to allow devices to move without losing connectivity
  • Prevent theft by remotely locking device
  • Use device sensor data to make work processes more efficient

Enterprise Features


  • Install software applications over the air in minutes
  • Instantly communicate with wearable users through system-level messaging and notifications


  • Provision wearable devices in test and production environments
  • Create and administer wearable users and devices
  • Establish groups to facilitate whitelisting of software applications


  • Track each wearable across your entire organization from one location
  • Lock devices remotely
  • Enable devices to seamlessly connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks

Additional Add-On Features

Hardware Diagnostics
Use device sensor data to improve device interoperability between multiple applications

Data Analytics
Leverage device sensor data to improve workflow efficiency

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