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Vuzix and COVID-19: AR Education to Fill Gap Left by Empty Classrooms


Class canceled: AR Education to benefit young learners, teachers
Schools have closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Many are shuttered for the rest of the academic year.

As a result, teachers are forced to find innovative ways to keep students engaged in online classes. Evidently, video-chats provide more thorough lessons than online presentations. Furthermore, there are different ways to teleconference beyond sitting in front of a laptop or phone.

Technology has adapted for the COVID-19 era: teleconferences now follow users around the room. 

Teleconferencing with smart glasses offers intuitive online demos and lessons – filling the gap left by empty classrooms

Smart glasses, smarter lesson plans

Smart glasses offer a mobility advantage. To demonstrate an experiment’s steps, a true POV is the next best thing to in-person sessions. 

Granted, some subjects are better suited than others. Indeed, the technology seamlessly lends itself to science and technology classes.

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Moreover, science teachers know the value of demonstration vs. presentation. A fixed camera risks missing important steps. Meanwhile, eye-level cameras capture what the teacher sees, providing a more in-depth look. 

AR Education beyond COVID-19

There will always be times students miss lessons due to unforeseen circumstances. Ultimately, the pandemic forces educators to experiment with smart glasses in the classroom.

As a result, the technology is likely to stick around long after the virus is contained.

In colleges, universities and trade schools, POV teaching will feel more personal than a presentation. After all, lecture theatres lack the intuition of AR Education.

Additionally, remote teaching removes the close contact that puts educators at risk.