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Future Friday: CarshareAR on Smart Glasses Offers a Transportation Solution


Owning a car a thing of the past with CarshareAR

Car sharing apps are popular in urban centres. Like digital rent-a-car services, users locate available vehicles using a smartphone app. However, whether you’re paying through a subscription or by-the-minute, the system isn’t perfect. CarshareAR on smart glasses could fix many of the problems faced by car sharing users.

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After all, more users means more competition for vehicles. Since it’s not cheap owning a vehicle, millennials in urban centres rely on Car2Go or SnappCar to get them from A to B. With sky-high insurance and gas prices, many are forced to choose between car and home ownership. 

The process is simple enough. Users find available cars using their smartphone app. If a car’s within walking distance, they hit ‘reserve’ and make their way to the vehicle on foot. Then, users type in a code or swipe a card at the vehicle and enter.