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AR Video Conferencing for Enterprise: Zoom, Skype, Webex on Vuzix Smart Glasses


Friends, colleagues and supervisors in the corner of your eye with AR video conferencing

The digital era eliminates borders, bringing us closer than ever before. Students living abroad can chat with mom and dad with ease; an entire generation of professionals need only a WiFi or cellular connection to stay up-to-date on projects. Now, AR video conferencing on smart glasses adds another layer of convenience to an age spoiled with it. 

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Vuzix smart glasses now feature Skype, Zoom Webex and many others. As a result, there is now a worthy alternative to using smartphones, laptops and tablets for those applications.

Most apps are available on Vuzix Blade and M-Series smart glasses. There is no easier way to provide and receive instructions hands-free. 

Consequently, the tech is ideal for remote service workers and tech support professionals.

Using the Vuzix Blade is ideal for hands-free video conferencing.

Seamless connection for Enterprise

Forget dropping your friend as you arrive at your front door, fiddling for keys deep in your pocket. 

Similarly, say goodbye to arching your back while looking into your laptop camera on important work calls. 

AR video conferencing on Vuzix smart glasses has many benefits:

  • Stream your field of view onto a colleague’s screen
  • See exactly what your colleague sees
  • Receive and provide instructions to even the most complex tasks
  • Use visual tools to highlight points-of-interest
  • Avoid tabbing away from your conversation to use your device for other reasons
  • Easily turn your camera on/off or mute your mic using the trackpad