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Master Any Stroke with Smart Swim Goggles


Smart Swim a breakthrough in swimming tech

It’s been said that one strand of hair is the difference between Olympic gold and not making the podium. Augmented reality could be the next difference-maker in water sports, separating ‘haves’ from ‘have-nots’. Smart Swim by Vuzix Labs could usher in this new era in swimming tech.

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The theory behind Smart Swim goggles is simple: they’re underwater smart glasses that give swimmers the benefits of digital tech.

With the power of the cloud in their goggles, swimmers have access to an underwater heads-up display (HUD).

Smart Swim is a gamechanger for water sports enthusiasts
Credit: Next Reality

Next-level training 

Simply put, Smart Swim goggles are the most advanced smart goggles ever to hit the consumer market.

The features are revolutionary:

  • Stream video content during swimming workouts. Yes, the goggles are wi-fi enabled
  • Easily strap a pair to your favorite goggles
  • Harness the power of Bluetooth to view and share session results on your phone
  • Swim for 7+ hours on one charge
  • A 9-axis sensor tracks every movement for accurate and detailed feedback
  • Built-in sensors combine with a timer, compass and GPS to maximize results