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Sight Guide Assembly AR withaVuzix M300XL Smart Glasses


AR Smart Glasses Offer Hyper-Efficient Sight Guide Assembly Software 

Vuzix smart glasses are already easing the lives of many professionals. Firstly, warehouse stockpickers are broadcast navigation prompts in real-time. Secondly, technicians in the field can receive remote instructions from supervisors. Now, technicians can use the Vuzix M300XL or our M400 Smart Glasses for sight guide assembly assistance.

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OPS Solutions created an app dedicated to this challenging process. Ultimately, it speeds up how quickly technicians can measure product parts.

This is important in various sectors. Mechanics in various disciplines will consider the application invaluable. Evidently, the process is very intuitive.

You can check out a video demonstration here.

OPS Solutions Partners with Vuzix to Create Intuitive Smart Glass Tech for Enterprise

Credit: Advanced Manufacturing

How it Works

To begin, the technician straps on a pair of Vuzix M300XL smart glasses. Soon, wearable AR devices will be a tool of choice among technicians.

Once on, the process is straightforward. Firstly, the glasses will prompt the tech to grab their Bluetooth caliper. This tool is used to measure the part. Secondly, instructions to measure the height and width will broadcast on the lens. A small projector, the lens can fit on either eye.

If the width and height are correct (indicated by green font), the part doesn’t need to be replaced. However, if the part doesn’t fit, safe removal instructions will initiate. Using visual prompts, it guides the tech’s torque tool, indicating which bolts need to be removed in sequence.