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Vuzix Patent Portfolio Grows by over 40 in Just 12 Months


Wearable computing IP becoming more important

Way back in July 2020, Vuzix made an announcement that caught the attention of techies, business leaders and investors. The company’s patent portfolio had grown from 90 to 166 in just three years.

That number was impressive. But the past 12 months has set a new benchmark, as the company has registered over 40 new patents over the past 12 months.

This brings the total of revolutionary tech advances to approximately 210.

Fashion forward wearable display technology was taking off. Helped along by global lockdowns (Smart Glasses help us navigate physical distancing protocols), more use cases were being established with each passing month.

Today, Vuzix is proud to announce that over 40 new patents have been added to our portfolio in the past year.

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Vuzix President & CEO Paul Travers poses with M-Series Smart Glasses. The company’s patents are already impacting operations in a number of industries, including construction
Image credit: People of Rochester, Episode 2, Paul Travers, CEO Vuzix Corp: Andy Peacock

Going patent happy

Vuzix’s portfolio features intellectual property that could accelerate the growth of companies and industries that incorporate these findings.

Just as the space race produced tech advances we take for granted (including memory foam and modern firefighting equipment), the pandemic shed a spotlight on wearable display tech.

The patents filed by Vuzix could have benefits that extend well beyond their initial purpose.

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